CAMP RESOURCES – We are praying for resources to hold another camp for Deaf children, their hearing family members and Honduran Christians who want to minister to them. The emphasis will be helping them comprehend the basic Bible themes and also improving communication in sign language.

Most of the people we work with are very poor. For example, we have some families that walk anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours from their home to get to town, and they have no running water or electricity. Providing transportation, food, camp facilities, craft and teaching supplies, and of course the traditional t-shirt will cost about $65 per person. We would like to hold camp for about 100 people, making the need for this camp approximately $6500.

We also need some volunteers from the US to assist with the camp. Is God calling you to come and help? If so, please contact us at mjrudd1@msn.com.

GENERAL DONATIONS – GWM operates on donations of individuals and churches. 100% of the money is sent to Honduras with no administration fees. The donations are used for support of the Rudds and their outreaches, teaching supplies and operational expenses.

BIBLES – We have given away thousands of Bibles over the past 8 years. We also provide Bibles to local Honduran pastors and Christians for their efforts. We continually buy Bibles as funds are received, so if you would like to buy some, the cost ranges from $3.25 to $6 each, depending on style. Prices includes shipping to Honduras.

CLICK HERE For a list and description of the Bibles we distribute.

To donate to these needs, you can mail a check to our office or donate online by clicking the following link:

Please, make a notation if you want your donation used for a particular need. Thank you and God bless you!