Our Bible Program

We have distributed thousands of Bibles free of charge, and feel honored to continue giving out God's Word. Many of the Bibles we distribute are especially suited to those with special needs or non-typical methods of communications.

The following are descriptions and applications:

  • Biblia Illustradas (The Illustrated Bible) – comprised completely of color drawings with bubble captions and notations, following the flow of the entire Bible. Distributed to the Deaf, illiterate of all ages and young children.

  • Bien and Mal (Good and Evil) - consists of 20 major Bible stories / themes in an illustrated format with balloon captions. Targeted audience is teenagers and adults. Distributed mainly to adult Deaf and the unsaved.

  • Nueva Version Internacional (New International Version) – a very accurate translation in contemporary Spanish language, using the most reliable and recently discovered manuscripts. Distributed to the literate.

  • Libre Entre Rejas (Free on the Inside) – an NVI translation designed for use in prisons, with testimonies by others prisoners set free by Christ. Distributed to prisoners and guards at prisons throughout Honduras.

  • La Journada (The Journey) – a NVI Gospel of John is designed specifically for evangelism of the unchurched. It has questions and answers and explanations of key concepts along with background information. It has the Bible text only, without verse or chapter notations. Distributed to strangers we meet anywhere that respond with interest.

  • Riena-Valera - the traditional Bible for evangelicals in Latin America, translated from same manuscripts as King James Version, in Spanish language of 1960 & 1977. Distributed for use in churches and to those who like the traditional version.

  • Pocket NT – a small New Testament with the Psalms and Proverbs. Distributed to those with the ability to read and a need for a easily portable Bible (such as policemen, workers, etc).

  • Encontrarse w Jesus (Meeting w/ Jesus) – an NVI New Testament for children, hard covered for durability and includes illustrations and applications on a child’s level.

If you would like to help with giving Bibles to the people of Honduras please click on the 'SUPPORT' button below, thank you.