Our amazing God doing amazing things...

Reflecting on our La Paz teachers' class brings a flood of amazement. God causing the Honduran Department of Education to require dozens and dozens of public school teachers to attend our class, well, that amazes me. They do have a choice, either attend our class or do literacy work. Almost all that choose our class are Christians, desiring to learn how to reach the Deaf in their communities. They happily accept my little sermons about how they have a privilege and responsibility to lay down their lives for others, and their favorite part of class is signing praise songs.

Another amazing thing in the class is the lack of natural ability by many. This does not diminish their desire, nor their effectiveness. For example, one teacher has been attending for 2 years and honestly, her signing is not very good. But, she has a Deaf student whose life has turned around because of her love and time invested in this Deaf boy. We remember it is not in our strength that we serve, but as the Holy Spirit empowers us. And her too! Paul reminds us the great love chapter that though we speak with tongues of angels (and by extension sign with perfect movements), it is the love that really matters and will bring about God's desired results.

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